Guidelines for Sharing and Republishing Content

Guidelines for Sharing and Republishing Content

So, you want to republish a piece of content from newbb电子平台安全 or any of our properties? 首先,谢谢! We love it when people want to share our stuff.

We do have some requirements when it comes to how our content gets shared, however:


Of course, we love it when you share our content via social media. When reposting or sharing newbb电子平台安全 social post content, please include the following handle and/or hashtag where applicable across all social platforms.

  • @newbb电子平台Safety
  • # newbb电子平台Safety

When posting or sharing newbb电子平台安全 content that originates on newbb电子平台 you must include the link and URL to the original piece of content and reference the newbb电子平台安全 brand name.

完整的文章 & 博客文章

Fully published articles and their content are the exclusive rights of newbb电子平台安全. Republishing articles found on newbb电子平台 is allowed; however, the republished articles may not be edited, except to fit an organization's style requirements, to address relative differences in time and/or location, or to shorten its length. If an article is shortened, please add the note, "This item was edited for length." If republishing online, please retain original links that are included in the article.

Republished articles must be credited to the original author(s) and must also include the appropriate canonical tag to the article hosted on newbb电子平台, so it is noted of the originating source:

  • 文章网址”> (or use an appropriate plugin).


We allow print publications of original newbb电子平台安全 content following the same guidelines in the Content Attribution Policy below. To repurpose newbb电子平台安全 original digital content, please email Brandy Shirly (申请事先批准.

Images and Infographics

All images of newbb电子平台安全’s products are available, including our custom graphics, and can be included in your published content, as long as you adhere to the Content Attribution Policy (See below). Some images that do not show newbb电子平台安全 products are purchased by newbb电子平台安全 and are not available for use by the public. Please check with us for any image not showing newbb电子平台安全 products to determine whether that image can be shared by us.

Content Attribution Policy

For all newbb电子平台安全 original content, 摘要, 社交分享, 再版, 和图片, the following guideless must be met:

  1. Cite newbb电子平台安全 as the source.
  2. Link to the source on newbb电子平台安全:
    • Article/blog post 摘要 and print articles: Link to the URL of the original article.
    • Images: Link to the URL where our original image is stored.
    • 嵌入式信息图, video, and SlideShares: Embed the original infographic, video, or presentation using the provided embed code.
    • Content that is gated (content that we ask people to sign up for): Link to the landing page, 而不是PDF.
  3. By republishing articles online under these guidelines, you agree to immediately remove our content from your website if we contact you and request that you do so.
  4. All original content on newbb电子平台 is the sole ownership of newbb电子平台安全 and its brands. The use of said content without prior approval violates this policy and may require further administrative or legal action if not adhered to.

For additional information or questions please contact